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Leadership Training

Feedback helps directors understand their mental approach, attitudes and values. Many people do not know what they are really capable of and even fewer take time out to understand what they really want to achieve and how their own characteristics help or hinder this achievements. The process “Born Leader” has developed gets leaders to think about themselves, their work, their approach to leading others and asks tough questions about the appropriateness of style and the substance of their decision making. New self awareness can catalyse development and is one of the cornerstones of success in leading others.

In the current economic environment everyone needs to be able to do more with less. It is a simple fact that teams and organisations that work effectively together out perform their opposition. Born Leader is based in the North East of England and specialises in bespoke, focused, modular training that is built to meet the requirements of its customers.

The “pick and mix” approach ensures that the client gets to choose the subject matter, sequence, tempo and relative priority of the event contents. This gives optimum effect and removes waste – hence real value for money. The sessions can be anything from ½ day to a full weekend.

It is no accident that the emergency and rescue services are good at what they do. It is because they practice!

Our offer is to be able to subject individuals to a series of increasingly more complex tasks in order that they can practice being in charge and getting things done.

Our trainers benefit from years of formal training in the military environment (including training students at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst) together with experience in leading edge process methodology used by blue chip companies, creating a fusion of industry best practice and structured problem solving that is unique in the workplace.


“Thoroughly enjoyed it. Comfortably the best we've had since I have been at XX”.

“Good to mix with colleagues outside of office environment (mixed teams a good idea!) ‐cements sense of belonging”

“Very happy to work for a leader who believes in developing his team and commits to and plays an equal part in activities such as this”

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