Welcome to MJ Associates

Offering Business Analysis, Improvement and Commercial Consultancy Services to suit all business needs, from established to start-up firms.

Businesses are at their most vulnerable during establishment and periods of transition. Even with the soundest proposition at their core, today’s ultra-competitive commercial arena means a business improvement strategy is absolutely crucial for new ventures and product launches.

But having the management experience permanently on call is not always an option – especially for new ventures.

MJ Associates fills that gap. With decades of experience working in the commercialisation cycle for spin-outs and new ventures, MJ Associates brings dynamism and a wealth of experience to new management teams, preparing them for a sustainable and profitable future.

MJ Associates’ expertise extends to:

  • establishing start-ups
  • project management
  • forming consortia
  • managing collaboration
  • market testing
  • innovation management
  • training guidance
  • business analysis and improvement

By establishing solid managerial and operational processes from the bottom up, MJ Associates helps businesses turn a good idea a great one.

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