Flodden 15 000 Killed in 4 Hr Bloodbath

This is the sort of shocking headline that would rock the global news network today but the story is 500 years old. The Battle of Flodden was fought in Northumberland on Friday, 9th September 1513. It was a disastrous defeat for the Scottish invading army at the hands of a smaller force drawn from the northern counties of England. What is more remarkable is the fact that the fighting was undertaken mostly hand to hand.

Pocket Tours is a revolutionary iPhone application which allows users to visit all of the historical sites that made up the  Flodden Campaign from the comfort of their armchair. The description of what happened comes from world-renowned historians and we hear what happened, who was involved and how history was shaped. It is also possible for those that have the opportunity to visit the area to be guided through the campaign whilst listening to the commentary and seeing where historic events took place through the live camera. Pocket Tours uses the full suite of functionality available on the Apple mobile platform to allow its users 
to view images, hear sound clips and see film footage to further bring the battlefield to life.

North East Entrepreneur, Mark Jackson who has been an active member of the Territorial Army for over 28 years, leads the company. He said: “Imagine walking over the ground that shaped history alongside an expert who can explain the events as they unfolded. The GPS feature guides you from point to point using the knowledge of the historians to make sure you see things from the best vantage points. This makes a tour of the battlefield accessible to anyone, anywhere and at any time.” As a supporter of ABF the Soldiers Charity for many years pocket Tours will make a donation from the proceeds of this app to help those in the military who are less fortunate and are in need of help.

The Battle’s of the Somme and Arnhem are already on sale and doing well so going back further in time with Flodden is sure to be hit. The versatility of the platform has been established and many other tours are in the pipeline. Look out for Diving in Grand Cayman, a major departure from the original historical tours….

Pocket Tours – The Battle of Flodden, is available for download now at http://tinyurl.com/battlefield-tour-flodden for only 1.99.

For more information contact Mark Jackson, mark@pocket-tours.co.uk or visit the website www.pocket-tours.co.uk.  You Tube http://tinyurl.com/pocket-tours-how-it-works

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